Interior design


Interior design


If you dream of a beautiful and functional interior without leaving your home - this place is just for you. Based on your needs and your favorite style, we will prepare an individual and comprehensive design of your interior, completely on-line.

Let’s start our journey through creation, architecture and making your dreams come true….

How We do it.

It's very simple - only 6 steps:

Krok 1

1. You choose one of the offers 

Krok 2

2. You choose your favorite interior style based on a few questions and photos in the Style Survey

Krok 3

3. You add the offer to the basket and make an order

Krok 4

4. Our architect, specializing in the style of your choice, will contact you within the next 2 working days via e-mail to arrange the details

Krok 5

5. Within 3 working days you will receive  the first proposal of a functional layout - a 2D projection of your interior. Than you can then make 2 layout changes

Krok 6

6. After we introduce the second change and send it to you, you will receive the result of your architect's work within 7 working days:

  • the final functional layout of the interior
  • 3 visualizations that will show you what  your room will look like in reality
  • combination of interior colors and textures
  • shopping list with the relevant store pages and the prices of your interior items


  • Prepare a plan of your room with its dimensions. Your architect will ask you to submit this plan view before starting the design process. The floor plan is not necessary in the case of a Room Layout
  • The stages of our cooperation presented in 6 steps concern:
    • Room arrangement,
    • Design of one room/interior up to 25 m2
    • Design of one room/interior up to 35 m2 or a living room with a kitchenette up to 35 m2
  • The stages of cooperation of an Individual Project are agreed between us individually.
  • Chętnie spotkamy się z Tobą na Skype -  omówimy szczegóły i odpowiemy na wszystkie Twoje pytania
  • We wait 3 business days to receive payment for your order. After this time, your order will automatically expire

If you have any questions or concerns, please write to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Style survey.

Choose your favorite style

We invite you to have fun choosing your favorite style.

Ankieta stylów



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Projekt Jednego Pomieszczenia  Pomieszczenie do 25m2

Projekt Salonu z Aneksem Kuchennym   Pomieszczenie do 35 m2

Projekt indywidualny

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